Thursday, June 30, 2011

This and That

Well I suppose I should start by apologizing for the delay in blog posts. I hope none of you are getting too worried about me giving up on blogging. I'm not I promise! Well quite a bit has happened this week, but wording it is going to be tough because so much has happened involving the new van that it is all starting to run together in my mind. I will try to summarize it as well as I can.

Before I get into the van I guess I should tell you all that I got to preach last Sunday here at Pucioasa Baptist Church! It was an experience I will never forget! How did it go you ask? Well, it was different. If you have ever had to speak in front of people with a translator you know what I'm talking about. It isn't hard to make statements and get your points across, but what is tough is still maintaining your own input, or "style" as many of us like to call it. But nonetheless, it went fairly well I suppose!

Before I attempt to explain the van situation just know that I personally will never complain again for having to sit at the DMV for any amount of time whatsoever. I have never personally bought a car in the states, but I know that it is not difficult and might take 24 hours at most to have everything finalized. That is not the case at all here. We picked up the Van a week ago tomorrow and it is still not completely ready to go. We only have one more thing to do, but it has taken all week just to be able to drive it legally on the roads. We stated Monday and honestly we have been so many places I don't even remember where we started. But I know one day we went back to this one guys office I think 3 or 4 times. I should know what he does but I can't remember. Yesterday we got to the DMV to pick up the new plates (which say Luke 4:8, look it up) and we were informed of a new law stating the owner of the address where the van will be has to sign and give permission before the plates can be given. So we come back to Pucioasa and get the owner of the house where Dave lives (only Romanian citizens can own property) and go to another office where this form is made. This office has never even heard of the form. So once we finally get it made and signed by whoever that was we are then able to go back to Targoviste to the DMV and order the plates. That is just one example of what happened every single day this week. We had to go pay this tax, or get this inspection done, or do this so it's insured. It is literally a rat race and this paragraph does not do it justice.

After reading that you may be thinking, Lawson that does not sound fun, are you sure you are enjoying your time there. And my answer to you is ABSOLUTELY. I love it here. While going place to place and not understanding a word that is said may get tiring from time to time I always enjoy coming home to an awesome family. No, I am not just saying this because I know they read my blog. They are so much fun and truly a blessing to me. It is pretty much a nightly occurrence that before the kids go to bed me and Bubba are trying to get in as many games on the wii as possible. And I love coming home and watching a movie with Bubba and the girls (even if I did nap during Sleeping Beauty). I am loving every second here.

Shifting gears a tad bit, I want to mention to you the book I am reading. It's titled "The Holy Wild" by Mark Buchanan. If you have a reading list put it on there. My youth pastor Jonathan gave it to me telling me how awesome it was but warning me that it might not be for me because the author can be a tad bit wordy at times. I didn't like that much at first but now I am so into it that I don't even notice. To put the book in a nutshell every chapter is about a different characteristic of God. Some of the ones I've read were about his love, wrath, creativity, mercy, and wisdom just to name a few. I just finished the chapter on wisdom tonight and read something that really hit home with me that I wanted to share.
      "God didn't consult our wisdom. God said, "This is how I will save them. I will come Myself, in disguise. I'll be born to an unmarried couple. I will live in obscurity for thirty years, then wander like a vagabond, slum around with a ragtag group of men who are rash one minute, timid the next. I will live in poverty. I will make enemies of the powerful and the influential. I will go to Jerusalem, straight into their snare, and be beaten. I will be killed like a criminal."

This really put things into perspective for me and I hope it does the same for you. God is so wise. I would have never thought to do the things He did so that I could enjoy eternity with him. If you are reading this and are one of the many gracious individuals, couples, or families that help make this trip possible financially I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. God is showing me so much. Please continue to pray for me as well as the entire Manary family and their church. I love you all.

In Him,
  Lawson Albey 

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