Sunday, July 10, 2011

Greater Things are Yet to Come

Been a while eh? Yeah, sorry about that! I feel like we never stopped at all last week!

It all started with an good ole fashion American BBQ for the 4th of July (and Vasy's birthday of course)! This was a time of good food and even better fellowship with Bro. Jim Black and his family, Vasy's family, and of course the whole Manary gang! Another BBQ happened the next day I believe as well for one of the teens 18th birthday. This was another good time with everyone!

The rest of the week had pretty much been set aside for planning. We leave for teen camp tomorrow. I am praying hard that God will do big things this week in the lives of every student that is in attendance. Please join with me in praying for these students that they may hear whatever it may be that the Lord is telling them.

We will come home from camp on Friday. This is the same day that the Mactrips team (including my entire family) will be arriving here in Romania. I am so excited about this!!! I cannot wait to see my family and friends that are coming! I know the Lord is going to use this team to impact these people here in Puchioasa. I will blog more about this in the next few weeks when they arrive and I can fill you in more about how VBS is going!

For the past month Bro.Dave has been telling the church if they get to 50 people in attendance then he will shave his head and let whoever has brought the most visitors give him a pie in the face. Last Sunday we had a record attendance of 47 people! Only 3 away! Although, no head was shaved a pie was thrown by Georgian Dumitru today since they were only 3 away!

I cannot say thank you enough to all of you who partnered with me and made this trip possible for me. As most of you know a good portion of the funds you provided did go into my travel expenses to get here. But, since the Lord so graciously blessed me with more than I needed these funds are being put to good use here in a magnificent way. One way I was able to help the church here is provide them a ping-pong table for the youth to play with at church. We just got it set up last night and I just know they are going to love it! Another way I am using these extra funds is to sponsor a 2 or 3 teens and paying their way to go to teen camp. I am so thankful for this opportunity, and it would not be possibly without you!

Please continue to pray for the coming weeks. God is going to do big things next week at teen camp as well as the following week when the Mactrips team leads a VBS here. Greater things truly are yet to come!

Here is another picture of everyone after church today!
In Him,
  Lawson Albey

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