Saturday, June 25, 2011


This is one of the things I was probably looking forward to the most when I was planning on coming to Romania to be with the Manary's. Going to the orphanage today was something that touched my heart so much that I can not truly explain with words. We weren't there long, but I tried to take advantage of every second I was able to see those kids.

When we got there we went into a room of two little ones. I got to hold a little boy that was around a year old, maybe a few months older. He was very small because he had been born premature. He was the sweetest thing. He did nothing but smile and giggle when I would play with him. In the next room there was a little boy with epilepsy. We would kneel by his bed and just give him some attention. He absolutely loved it.

My favorite (yes I had a favorite, so what?) was a little boy I met in the hall way. He was about 14 months old and was as cute as could be. He had a big water bottle that he was carrying around and playing with. He would throw it or give it to me and we would play. It was like a never ending game of keep away. The smile on his face said it all. I wanted to take him home. He seemed like a completely normal 14 month old boy. I later found out he had AIDS. I was heart broken and wanted to go back and just love on him some more.

Please keep the Manary's in your prayers so that doors will continue to open and they will be able to reach out to these precious children. I wish I had more to say about today, but the feelings I felt simply had no words.

In Him,
   Lawson Albey

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