Monday, May 16, 2011


Well, I haven't blogged since the good ole days back in middle school when Xanga was the coolest thing since sliced bread, but I thought it was time I give it one more shot.  The main reason I am starting this blog is so that the folks that know about my summer trip to Romania can keep up with what is going on over there when I get there and how the Lord is working in the lives of the Manary family and all the people that they have the opportunity to share the love of Christ with.

There are two possible outcomes to how this blog could go.  One being that I keep it updated once I leave and it works as planned, and the other being that I just get lazy and do not make time for what I have called "silly blogging" for the past couple years.  But, I am willing to give it a shot and I hope to stick with it at least until I return home from Romania. 

For those of you that do not know I am leaving June 20 for Romania. I will be spending about 5 weeks there with missionary Dave Manary and his awesome family.  My one request is that you keep me in your prayers starting now as I prepare spiritually as well as financially for this trip that the Lord has set before me. I know that he has had this planned for much longer than I will ever know, and I want nothing more than to follow what he has in store for me. Thank you all for the amazing loving support!

In Him,
  Lawson Albey

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